Short Story


In Bangladesh, at a place called Anu Zani - the village where my granddad, Kaalamdor Ali (Daadaa), lived - is where my love for cooking was born during a visit there as a child.

Back in 1968 my Daadaa, who was passionate about food, was recognised by a renowned restaurateur and family friend, who convinced him to fly with him into the UK to chef in his restaurant based in Northampton.

In Anu Zani in the early 1930s Daadaa owned land which he cultivated and used for grazing on.

He had to have an air of seriousness about him as he was responsible for all the people in the village and earnt a natural respect from other villages. He was a good man who would not think twice before helping others.

Daadaa being a working farmer required repair and maintenance work and would ask the mess-teurs (builders) to help him out.

In return Daadaa would cook with great energy and passion in large Handiis (cast iron pots) of Tor Curry and Birianiis for them to enjoy after a long, hard day.

Now situated in the beautiful beach town of Tenby for over a decade, where we have matured and grown, I present you with my latest restaurant and menu.

Let the feast commence.

God bless you Daadaa,

I hope we’re all doing you proud

Loads of love & prayers, the Barbucci Family

Mohammad Shabaj Ali

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